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Truck Driver Training: Who We Are

Who We Are

In late 2000, our Founder John Bogue was approached by key leadership personnel operating within the Virginia Community College System.  There was an enormous concern about a seeming lack of quality Commercial Driver Training available in the Commonwealth of Virginia.   With John Bogue’s history of success in business and his knowledge of the transportation industry, it was not difficult to make a decision to take next steps in solving the problem. 

In an industry where getting started can be a challenge, it is crucial to choose a school that truly operates with the students best interest in mind. All of our employees are aware of and have a shared goal.  Our overall and individual efforts are focused on the end result.  We aim to deliver the best entry level commercial drivers to the industry.  We do not waver.  We meet and exceed all industry standards and always strive to enhance our program as new information becomes available.  Any and all enhancements implemented are based on superior industry knowledge and experience.  By staying with our vision, we expect to remain the largest provider of quality entry level commercial drivers in Virginia.


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